Far Out Brussel Sprout!

Ok – I have to say it – what was with those hats at THE WEDDING.

Beatrice and Eugenie, Tara, Posh, are you all nuts?  Such slavery to fashion that you are blind to the fact you look RIDICULOUS!

Fascinators pushed so far forward onto their foreheads that they must have been superglued to stay in place!  They looked like sail boats awaiting a push with a champers bottle for launch.

Fashion is one thing, purposely make celebs look stupid in the name of a trend is – well………..hilarious if you think about it.  Is this how designers take the p*ss?  They thought they looked hot, ummm, noooooooooo ladies.

First the Yorks….Bea, darling – a giant easter egg with arms on your head isnt attractive, and Euuuuuug, well – ugggggggh. Did your mum choose these as her little revenge for not being invited?

Tara, Tara, Tara, having the blues darlin’? I bet you were with that hat, it was tipped so far forward it defied gravity – needed a seeing eye dog to help you get around!

And Posh……. only just out-done by Tara in the how far can your hat tip forward stakes but all in BLACK – for a wedding – tacky tacky tacky.  Even preggers you are skinny so the black wasnt needed and made you look vamped up enough for a part in Twilight.

Ahhhh – I feel better now – so endeth the rant!

I, Toldyah

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