Pass the Princess & other wedding fever games

Yep, it’s THAT day.  April 29, 2011.  The day a poor commoner gets sucked into the English Monarchy, chomped up, bashed about and spat out as a Princess.

Poor, poor Kate.  Her life is not one many of us would choose.  I mean, meeting your Prince Charming as a reality would be cool, but that’s where the fairytale ends….. paparazzi, no private life, no popping down the street for a solitary walk to blow out the cobwebs, having to be friendly to weird politicians trying to feel you up. Gain a kilo and you’re shot, lose a kilo too much and you are accused of courting the devil.  She can’t win!  And yet she is a very valuable tool for the royals – another Princess Di.

Anyway, that’s the future, let’s focus on today – last night in fact, and the time I spend being sucked into wedding fever and doing what I imagine millions of others have done in the last few weeks – looked at my family history on the various Family History websites – Ancestry, Genes Reunited.

Afterall, Kate is a commoner – so there is this very slight glimmer that we, common as muck, royal watchers, may be a long lost cousin.  A story to tell you friends on this wedding day “oh yes – we share the same great great great great great great great great grandfather dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhlink”!

As a digression – commoners are more likely to be related to royalty via some loopy uncle with a embarrassing penchant for emitting noxious gasses that lived in the 1300’s.  Tell your friends THAT story!

Back to the point – so there I was, searching the family history.  My mum was from England, so entertainment value aside, the search wasnt all a joke.  And then we have the fact my nan’s maiden name was in fact Middleton, and they lived in the same general area – Yorkshire, as Kate’s family.  Flicking back through my ancestors in the hope of finding a common ancestor my roadblock was David.  Nope not Beckham – why is he attending the wedding BTW?  David Middleton, born sometime 1842 to 1845.  Who’s yah daddy David – ‘cos I cant figure it out!  And you’re stopping me applying for an emergency invitation to the wedding!

Dead end for the Middletons I am afraid.  David wont give up his secrets yet.  Stuff the fact I am descended from Edward III (pfffft – as are about half of England I believe – nothing to be excited about).   If you know who David’s parents are can you drop me a line please?

I’ll have to watch the wedding from home and marvel in the making of a princess.  Chockies and champers on the couch, no corgis though.  Poor Kate.  I hope love can transcend everything!

Enough time not working – time to get some Toldyah stuff done.

Enjoy the fairytale.  For a hilarious look at the nuptials try this

I, Toldyah

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2 responses to “Pass the Princess & other wedding fever games”

  1. Coby Sturk says :

    Enjoying your writing. Very well done. But still very curious at what your plans are. A mystery to me still. But all the best and we hope you will succeed in your endeavours and dreams !!

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