Want Gastro with that?

Ahhhh – Easter.  So much to look forward to, so much chocky promise.  I blogged yesterday morning of our hunt and preparations to scoff.

And that’s where Easter Sunday became a sensationally EPIC FAIL.

As I hit the send key and the blog whisked off to the mysterious land of zeros and ones, my tummy went a bit lopsided.

What the……  Oh no you don’t mate.  It’s chocky day, you aren’t getting out of it that easy.  Today is the day we gorge on chocky – it’s the law.  And I am always a law-abiding citizen, always ready to do my bit!

I pushed on through breakfast, kidlets excitedly waiting for the sign to rip open foil and start munching.  I know – it was a bit cruel to make 2 & 3 year olds wait after they hunted over an hour before but hey – that’s a lesson in patience *grin* (one other thing – as a mum, godparent and aunty, I believe some hard lessons are good for the soul).

So there we were, the anticipation building……. but my tummy wasnt co-operating. In fact, my adored morning coffee (never ever missing from my life) was sitting untouched.  The signs were bad…..very bad.

Then the kidlets started throwing up and things went from bad too much worse:  a vomit infested house.  You needed paddles to get from the front to back door! Only 2 people in a house of 8 were unaffected – they spent the day washing towels, sheets, clothes and mopping floors with bleach.  The rest of us spent the day giving them stuff to wash and mop.

The chocky remained unmolested,  an emergency trip was made to get more paper towel, lemonade icypoles and air freshener (yep, wasn’t just vomit being ejected, but man I don’t remember eating raw fish….). Oh dear – was that a step too far?  hehe – like to ensure you can truly imagine what’s happening in my life.

This morning 4 kidlets and 2 adults woke from 24 hours of gastro-hell to attempt dry Cornflakes with trepidation.  Water was sipped in dainty little mouthfuls.  And we all eyed the hoard of chocky and shook our heads…. maybe tomorrow.

I, Toldyah

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