Back again so soon? Let’s Get Interactive!

Oh hello there – how are you?  I know, Monday – uggggggggh! Back to work.

How cool would it be to be working somewhere that has you jumping out of bed saying “Woo Hoo, MONDAY!”

I want to have a business like that – yeah yeah – not everyone is going to love every day, but where the thought of going to work doesn’t leave people in a fit of depression.  Where people feel they make a difference and are recognised for it, and most importantly  – where FUN is allowed.

Fun”, you ask, “at work“, you frown, confused…..YES, AT WORK, I want to work somewhere fun, life is to short for the chain gang. My goal is for people to look at the clock and think “OMG, its home time already”.

It’s going to be MY job to make that happen.  I’ve had good and bad role models, Dave – you were the best boss ever!  But I am just one person, and I want to steal (oops, I mean borrow) lots of ideas and opinions.

So – let’s get interactive (I can see Olivia Newton John in legwarmers singing….Let’s get interactive, interactive…..I wanna get interrrr-aaa-active…)

Tell me you stories of bosses and workplaces, things that worked, things that I MUST steer clear of, ideas you have – and since people are good at relating the bad rather than good – for every bad example I need you to give a suggestion of a good one!  This isn’t a bitchfest – no names,  short and sweet works a treat!

If we get enough comments I will make it a competition and put up a Gift Card for a prize.  So tell your friends!

Time to go practice being the boss…..

I, Toldyah


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A quality food professional and consumer with a passion for social media and a belief that we should get what we pay for! The only way to ensure that - consumer reviews! Al about products, services, the good, bad and ugly. Lets help each other. Ask, Tell, Communicate!

2 responses to “Back again so soon? Let’s Get Interactive!”

  1. SMGeek says :

    Thought I’ld be the first! I’ve had quite a few bosses over the years, a few stand outs, a few not so good ones.

    The worst – I had one boss (who I am now actually higher up than) who liked to publically reprimand others. SHe was also really good at tearing down your creative ideas in the prescence of others and then later using them herself with other people. I remember one worker going to her with their CV for help with it, she said it was great and they submitted it. WHen they later told her that they didnt get the job, she said “of course not, your CV was shit”. Um, well they did go to you for help darling!

    The best – I currently work for an exceptional business worman. She knows what is important to me, has learned my strengths (and weaknesses) and makes every effort to accomodate me. As a result, I give back 200% – I go beyond what is expected. SHe is always postively reinforcing my efforts, provides feedback and “tweaks” my creative output when needed rather than providing a break down of everything that is wrong with it. She has worked out how I can fit into her business and utilises this to her advantage. Shd delegates, puts her trust in me and is always willing to offer support. I can contact her 24/7 and will know I will receive a positve response. Even in times of crisis, she is level headed, rational and supportive. Rather than dwelling on what has gone wrong, whe will work on the solution. SHe is very proactive.

    Strengths: reward, delegate responsibility, provide a title (for example Social Media Manager – may not mean much to the business, but the individual will feel inportant), value, provide time to work through issues…..

    IS this a start?

  2. toldyah says :

    Hey Thanks SM Geek – that’s brilliant food for thought! Writing my list of attributes to practice and develop!

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